OUR Research Team is YOUR Research Team

Most companies cannot afford a research team to keep up with the volume of new information.
Our team of experienced technical analysts read daily news releases and technical reports.
Our GIS group compile spatial asset and property data.

Our Solutions

The Northern Miner and DigiGeoData team up in a revolutionary partnership, creating a powerful
map solution.

A powerful online GIS interactive mapping interface that spatially displays data from

A global resource intelligence database that powers the EarthLabs subsidiaries.

About Us

DigiGeoData is part of the EarthLabs Inc. Group (TSXV: SPOT) (OTCQX: SPOFF), a mining investment and technology company that provides strategic leverage to the metals and mining sector through investments, royalties and a full suite of data-driven media and data SaaS tools and services.

By integrating DigiGeoData, CEO.CA,The Northern Miner, Mining.com and Canadian Mining Journal, EarthLabs offers subscribers unparalleled access to data analytics, mining news, community discussions and enhanced enriched event experiences.