Our Solutions

Being the industry standard,
the maps provide
an overview either on
a global/country scale
or a more focused
regional basis that has significant exploration and/or mining activity.

DigiGeoAtlas is
a powerful online GIS
interactive mapping interface spatially links and
displays data
from DigiGeoMaps
and DigiGeoData.

The Database is the source of information that feeds DigiGeoMaps and DigiGeoAtlas. All accessi- ble data is queried and displayed from the data- base.

About Us

DigiGeoData is a company that strives to increase opportunities for companies to highlight their property information and to communicate their corporate story. The company has developed a powerful digital map interface, offering companies the ability to show updated information regarding their properties including mines, deposits, zones and reports. DigiGeo- Data is also working with companies to create a specifically designed landing page allows companies to provide more detailed content to investors.