Location Idaho, United States
Commodities Primary Silver, Lead, Zinc, Gold, Copper, Cobalt
Commodities Secondary Antimony, Molybdenum,
Total Current Year Production Period Ended December 31, 2020
Silver; ounces 2,031,874
Lead, pounds 25,454,000
Zinc; pounds 12596000
Total Known Current and Historical Production 1881 – 2020
Silver; ounces 1,065,648,000
Lead, pounds 10,727,321,000
Zinc; pounds 4,923,380,000
Gold; ounces 5,517,000
Copper; pounds 405,938,000
Cobalt; pounds 37,842,000
Antimony; pounds 88,030,000
Molybdenum; pounds 420,112,000
Total Known Compliant Reserves Proven & Probable
Silver; ounces 95,438,000
Lead, ounces 1,094,211,000
Zinc; pounds 466,500,000
Gold; ounces 4,870,000
Copper; pounds 46,700,000
Cobalt; pounds 30,100,000
Antimony; pounds 148,686,000
Molybdenum; pounds 0
Total Known Compliant Exclusive Resources Measured & Indicated
Silver; ounces 499,792,000
Lead, ounces 1,369,209,000
Zinc; pounds 670,347,000
Gold; ounces 12,262,000
Copper; pounds 4,161,077,000
Cobalt; pounds 74,600,000
Antimony; pounds 200,601,000
Molybdenum; pounds 1,728,100,000
Silver; ounces 533,750,000
Lead, ounces 1,659,022,000
Zinc; pounds 1,149,001,000
Gold; ounces 4,048,000
Copper; pounds 3,691,494,000
Cobalt; pounds 37,370,000
Antimony; pounds 28,491,000
Molybdenum; pounds 1,472,400,000
Total Known Endowment 1881-2020
Silver; ounces 2,194,628,000
Lead, ounces 14,849,763,000
Zinc; pounds 7,209,228,000
Gold; ounces 26,697,000
Copper; pounds 8,305,209,000
Cobalt; pounds 179,912,000
Antimony; pounds 465,808,000
Molybdenum; pounds 3,620,612,000

Total Known Endowment includes current and historical production and compliant reserves and resources

All reserves and resources are NI 43-1201 compliant
Data compiled from DigiGeoData database, IdahoGovernment data, technical reports and corporate websites
DigiGeoData has compiled this information using best practices and does not warranty the completeness or accuracy.
All data should be checked and verified before use

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