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This powerful online GIS interactive mapping interface spatially links and displays data from DigiGeoMaps and DigiGeoData.

Data can be turned of or on from layers at different zooms levels.

Functionality includes zoom, pan, query, search, markup, printing and exporting in Shape and CSV formats.

One of the highlights of DigiGeoAtlas is the ability to interrogate Canadian claim data seamlessly across Canada. Claims (leases and permits) from all Canadian provinces and territories are compiled with common fields.

A significant value add are the two layers that show both recently staked claims and claims that will be expiring in the next 30, 60 and 90 days. This is extremely valuable for monitoring activity within areas of interest.

With continuous innovation and development, DGDs business concept is to optimize technology that can support decision making, effectively enhance the quality of data and provide innovative solutions from market demands.

Data Layers & Functionality

Free Access
Map areas only
Basic tools
View only
Full Data Coverage
Full suite of tools
Bookmarks: existing
Bookmarks; create new
Export Shape
Export data to CSV
Feature Search
Global Search
Symbology Edit
Detailed Map Areas
Mineral Claims
Placer Claims
Industrial Claims
Topo Layers
DEM (Digital Elevation Model) - Detailed Area Maps
Populated Places
Claim Data Full Access
Recent Staked Claims
Expiring Claims
Mineral Claims
Placer Claims
Industrial Claims
Reports: 43-101 reports for past 10 years
Property & Assets
Assets: Mines, Deposits and Zones
Resources: Major Commodities, regular updates
Production: Major Commodities, regular updates
Geology Layer (Uncoloured)
Fault lines
Additional Features
Corporate and multi user rates
Coming Soon
International Claims
International Assets, Resources and Production

DigiGeoAtlas is a yearly subscription tool with access to a full GIS interactive mapping application. All data is updated on a regular basis including Canadian claims (leases and permits), mines, deposits, zones, resources, production and reports.